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6 CEU Bundle - Utah

Time limit: 180 days
6 credits

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Full course description

About This Course

The four courses included in this bundle are:
  • Pesticide Hazards, First Aid, & Emergency Response CEU Course
  • Pesticide Application Techniques CEU Course
  • Protecting the Environment CEU Course
  • Understanding Federal Law & the Pesticide Label CEU Course
  • Additional modules not found in any other CEU Courses.
This course is worth 6 CEU Credits in Utah. Content for this course was developed from the National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual. This course teaches how to safely apply pesticides in a manner that protects you, the public, and the environment.

What will I gain from this course?

  • Knowledge about proper pest management techniques
  • Learn about federal pesticide laws and regulations and how they apply to applicators
  • Understand pesticide labels and safety data sheets
  • Learn about liquids, dry or solid, and other pesticide formulations
  • Understand pesticide hazards and first aid for pesticide exposure
  • Learn about the importance of personal protective equipment
  • Understand pesticide uses and effects on the environment
  • Learn about proper pesticide transportation, storage, and security
  • Learn how to prevent pesticide incidents and prepare for emergencies
  • Understand how to properly plan pesticide applications
  • Learn safe and proper pesticide application procedures

Who is this for?

This course is designed primarily for commercially and privately certified pesticide applicators who need to earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits for recertification. This course can also prepare you to take or retake the National Pesticide Applicator Core (or General) Exam. It is also designed for anyone who would like to know about safe and approved pesticide methods. If you are interested in using this course for business training, please use the National Pesticide Applicator Core Exam Prep Course.

Curriculum (approximately 5 hours)

Module 1 Pest Management (27 minutes)

1.1 Definition and History
1.2 Pest Recognition
1.3 Integrated Pest Management
1.4 Management Methods
1.5 Why Did the Application Fail?
1.6 Pesticide Resistance

Module 2 Federal Pesticide Laws and Regulations (27 minutes)

2.2 Pesticide Certifications
2.3 Registration of Pesticides
2.4 Regulations and Laws
2.5 Specific Regulations and Laws
2.6 Recordkeeping Requirements
2.7 Violations and Penalties

Module 3 Pesticide Labeling (13 minutes)

3.1 Introduction to the Label
3.2 Parts of the Label
3.3 Mandatory vs. Advisory Statements
3.4 Other Labeling Resources
3.5 Safety Data Sheets

Module 4 Pesticide Formulations (33 minutes)

4.1 Definitions and Abbreviations
4.2 Liquid Formulations
4.3 Dry Formulations
4.4 Other Formulation Types
4.5 Adjuvants

Module 5 Pesticide Hazards and First Aid (36 minutes)

5.1 Toxicity, Exposure, and Hazard
5.2 Harmful Effects of Pesticides
5.3 How Pesticides Enter the Body
5.4 Product Toxicity and Health Concerns
5.5 Symptom Recognition
5.6 First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning
5.7 Heat Stress

Module 6 Personal Protective Equipment (24 minutes)

6.1 Good Work Practices
6.2 PPE Requirements and Laws
6.3 Protect Your Body
6.4 Protect Your Respiratory System
6.5 Maintaining Clothing and PPE

Module 7 Pesticides in the Environment (26 minutes)

7.1 Pesticide Characteristics
7.2 Pesticide Movement: Drift
7.3 Pesticide Movement: Runoff and Leaching
7.4 Pesticide Movement: On/In Other Things
7.5 Preventing Pesticide Movement
7.6 Applicator Responsibilities

Module 8 Transportation, Storage, and Security (12 minutes)

8.1 Pesticide Transportation
8.2 Pesticide Storage
8.3 Pesticide Site Security

Module 9 Emergency or Incident Response (11 minutes)

9.1 Emergency Response Plan
9.2 Hazard Identification Systems
9.3 Fires
9.4 Pesticide Spills

Module 10 Planning the Pesticide Application (21 minutes)

10.1 Use the Pesticide Label
10.2 Determining Pesticide Compatibility
10.3 Safe Mixing and Loading Practices
10.4 Cleaning Empty Pesticide Containers
10.5 Applying Pesticides Correctly
10.6 Cleaning Up After Pesticide Use
10.7 Professionalism

Module 11 Pesticide Application Procedures (29 minutes)

11.1 Application Methods and Equipment
11.2 Techniques to Reduce Drift
11.3 Safety Systems
11.4 Equipment Calibration
11.5 Calculating the Application Area
11.6 Calculating the Application Rate

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Coming Soon

  • IPM Strategies CEU (1 CEU credit)
  • Personal Protective Equipment CEU (1 CEU credit)
  • Insects and Insect Control CEU (1 CEU credit)
  • Plant Diseases and Disease Control CEU (1 CEU credit)
  • Vertebrate Pests CEU (1 CEU credit)

CEU Currently Approved by Utah Only

You will receive 6 CEU credits in the state of Utah toward the requirements for re-certification. The 6 credits will count as 2 CEU credits in pesticide law, 2 CEU credits in pesticide safety, and 2 CEU credits in pesticide use. Check with your state agency for CEU credit approval.

The course is divided into 11 Modules that correspond to the 11 chapters in the National Pesticide Applicator Certification (NPAC) Core Manual. You must complete all 11 modules to earn the 6 CEU credits. Once you have completed all 11 modules, you will receive a certificate of completion. You must print the certificate to receive your CEU credits. You need to present your printed certificate to UDAF to receive credit for this course towards your CEU requirements. We do not send enrollment information to UDAF or any other agency. You are responsible for notifying your governing agency that you have taken this online course for CEU credits. The CEUs listed on the certificate are approved for the state of Utah. Check with your local agency for approval of CEU credits outside of Utah.

Course Overview

  • Cost: $100
  • Length: 5 hours, 11 learning modules
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Language: English
  • Access: Six-month access
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back guarantee
  • Course Type: Self-paced
  • Course Media: Video lectures, interactive content, review quizzes
  • Having trouble signing up for this course? View instructions on How to Enroll.

Having trouble signing up for this course? View instructions on How to Enroll.