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Successful flower gardens start with plants that fit the growing conditions of the site. Plants are selected for a variety of different reasons and attributes. Most failures come from selecting plants that are not adapted to the gardens' specific conditions or are planted in the wrong location. Annuals and perennials are the flora that color our landscape. Mixing perennials, bulbs and annuals according to informed design allows for beautiful blooms and lasting beauty year round. This course is designed to guide clear understanding of planting and maintenance of the annuals, perennials, and bulbs that make up the design of a beautiful garden or landscape feature.

The Annuals & Perennials course is part of a larger gardening series, created to allow gardeners and landscapers of all levels of expertise to have greater success by learning from the gardening experts at USU. The eight courses in the gardening series include:

Basic Botany
Soil Basics
Pest Management
Fruits & Nuts
Annuals & Perennials
Trees & Shrubs

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