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Turfgrass, or lawn, is the most intensively managed and manicured set of plants in the landscape. It seems to have an attractive lawn in the Intermountain region their needs to be a constant need of supplemental irrigation, fertilizer inputs and insect and disease control. Even with all of its requirements, turfgrass is an excellent groundcover.

Turfgrass is hands down the most abused set of plants in the landscape. Stress from heat, cold, poor watering practices, heavy traffic and pressure from pests such as insects, disease and weeds can all affect the overall performance of lawns. Healthy turfgrass is the result of good management practices and is the best defense against many of these common pests. Dense, healthy turf can compete against most weed pressures, can tolerate insect feeding, and due to its growth habit, can repair itself after being damaged but only if it remains healthy. This course walks through the best practices for maintaining healthy turfgrass.

The Turfgrass course is part of a larger gardening series, created to allow gardeners and landscapers of all levels of expertise to have greater success by learning from the gardening experts at USU. The eight courses in the gardening series include:

Basic Botany
Soil Basics
Pest Management
Fruits & Nuts
Annuals & Perennials
Trees & Shrubs

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