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The past decade has seen a notable resurgence in home gardening as consumers increasingly focus on the environmental and nutritional impacts of gardening at home. Whether you are novice or more experienced gardener, gaining a deeper understanding of the inner workings of plants and soils supports gardening and landscaping success and efficiency. For those seeking to reduce cost and pollution, provide healthier meal options for their family, or create a beautiful retreat in their own yard, this gardening series created by the garden experts at USU Extension experts will guide you to success.

The Basic Botany course provides a basic understanding of plant classification, processes, and growth. It demystifies how plants are classified and how to decode scientific names. The course also shares insight into environmental conditions affecting plant growth. The anatomy and function of leaves, stems, flowers, fruits, and roots; photosynthesis, respiration, and water use by plants all affect plant health. This course explains these vital processes so you can use the knowledge to improve your own results.

Utah’s varied soil and microclimates challenge landscapers and gardeners alike. Understanding environmental conditions in conjunction with plant functions and basic naming parameters offers a solid foundation upon which to base planting and maintenance decisions.

The Basic Botany course is part of a larger gardening series, created to allow gardeners and landscapers of all levels of expertise to have greater success by learning from the gardening experts at USU. The eight courses in the gardening series include:

Basic Botany
Soil Basics
Pest Management
Fruits & Nuts
Annuals & Perennials
Trees & Shrubs

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