Full course description

This course includes all the educational materials required by UDAF to apply for the Commercial Pesticide License, with a focus on the Structural & Health Related Category. Applicators using pesticides in, on or around food handling establishments, human dwellings, institutions such as schools, hospitals, industrial establishments, warehouses, storage units and any other structures and adjacent areas public or private to control household pests, fabric pests, stored-products pests, and vertebrate pests should take this course.

The educational materials include the Core Manual and the Category Manual. This course also includes the exams required by UDAF. Everything you need for the educational certification is provided with successful completion of this course.

Once you have completed all the educational materials, schedule an appointment with the nearest testing center to take your exams with a proctor. Your test scores will be transferred to UDAF once you have passed the exams and completed the Course Completion form found inside the course (the form is only available after passing both exams with 35/50 or better on each exam). The proctor will have you access this course to take the exams.

Completing this course does NOT fill all requirements for the Commercial Pesticide License. You will need to return to UDAF's webpage to apply for and pay them directly for the official license.

Course Overview

  • Cost: $50
  • Core & Category Materials
  • Certification Exams Included
  • Language: English
  • Access: Two-month access
  • Testing Locations: Link to Local Testing Centers
  • Pay for License: UDAF's webpage
  • Course Type: Self-paced
  • Course Media: Video lectures, interactive content, review quizzes
  • Having trouble signing up for this course? View instructions on How to Enroll.

Having trouble signing up for this course? View instructions on How to Enroll.